This floral bow is to go with the dress.

You know the dress?

Most 90s girls had a variation of it featuring some floral like this bow with a HUGE lace collar on front.

Paired with a bowl cut this was early 90s perfection.


Liberty of London fabric.




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Our bows are what is known as a traditional sailor style bow.

She is sewn and folded with great attention to detail.

The fabric has been pressed and starched for a beautiful, crisp look.


This bow comes in 3 sizes:

Large | Approximately 6" X 5.5"

Medium | Approximately 5.25" X 3.5"

Small | Approximately 4" X 3.25"


Our fabric selections are a fun mix of this particular pattern, which allows for a unique outcome every time. 
Due to pattern variations and differences in size your dress may not look exactly like the one photographed.

Care Instructions:
Spot clean.<